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Party/Holiday Ideas

Easter egg popsicles - so clever!

cute and clever. fun with easter eggs

Pumpkins carved with a drill!

Nurse Bait ~ Says: I am a nurse and one of my patients in the hospital had this basket of candy and treats in their room with a poem attached to it they received as a gift from friends. They called it "Nurse Bait"! The poem was too cute not to share and the nursing staff greatly appreciated it also. This is a good idea for a gift for anyone who is stuck in the hospital. You can read and copy the poem to attach to your basket of sweets to share with the patient and staff caring for them!

ONLY THE BEST PARENTS EVER WOULD DO THIS!!!! New Tradition?? Start bedtime routine as usual, while one parent makes bags of popcorn and hot cocoa and places them in the car, don't forget to have Christmas music to play! When the kids climb into bed, they will find a ticket hidden. The kids are instructed to grab their slippers and head for the car. Upon entrance to The SUV Express, you hole punch the ticket, and travel around the city looking at all the beautiful lights.

What an easy craft to do! The ornaments are so beautiful!

Sssssh... the bunny just escaped...check out these adorable East Crafts to keep kids busy!

Green pasta for the kiddos. Simply add food coloring to water before cooking the pasta. This is part of the green St. Patrick's Day lunch.

the Invisible Tree by 97th Floor.

Giant Balloon Flowers - cut a piece of cardboard large enough for 5-6 small slits around the edges and one in the middle, blow up balloons, push one through each slit and secure with tape from behind. Voila! Super easy balloon flowers you can secure to the wall that actually keep their shape!

Leprechaun Floats (Green Sherbet & Sprite) - Already thinking about St Patricks Day?

dye easter eggs with kool-aid (NEVER buying egg dye again!) No vinegar! This is a nice find

Cheetos in a frosting bag for an Easter snack

For future Easter -- strawberries dipped in white chocolate (dyed orange) to look like carrots.

Woah, this mom has talent!! Cheap way to get fancy at parties.

Hundreds of Elf on the Shelf ideas!

For Christmas: attach ribbon to kitchen cabinets + use clothespins to hang cards.

This site has really hilarious game ideas for adults and kids.

DIY tulle garland. Would be cute with red and green for Christmas!

Wrap an aluminum foil box and put muffins in it for gifts ~