old books cut up

Tags are cut from old recycled books; print off or stamp designs of choice; punch hole, reinforce, thread with string, twine or yarn. Tag crafting caddy - old books punched and ready to go.

5 pointed origami stars hanging on mirror

5 pointed origami star Christmas ornaments - step by step instructions. Do these with sheet music, or with wrapping paper and attach to matching package instead of a bow.

diy christmas ornaments

Woven Star Tutorial: made from vintage book pages or sheet music - even scrapbook paper with a Christmas design.


Heart black out -- romantic book, poems, whatever, frame it.

DIY vintage Christmas paper ornament  [how to make a star]

DIY Vintage Christmas Paper Ornaments - Scrapbooking papers, or old magazines, or some, completely useless or destroyed books, glue and small decorative objects…

paper flowers and tutorial

Lacey Paper Flowers, Step by Step Project! Flowers are huge in the crafting and design industries, especially vintage and handmade ones.


black and white . book page paper flower with button center . embossing and inking . Stampin' Up! by bethany

paper. flowers. :)

recycled paper ornaments, garland or package toppers . layers of petals .

DIY Origami Box Using Newspapers. I love this origami site so much because they give you the choice between seeing the instructions using diagrams or seeing the steps animated. Tutorial from Origami Club here.

"Origami Garbage Bin" - includes animation (and a diagram) to show you how to fold this. Although it's called a garbage bin, it will make great seed-starting pots since you can place the entire thing in the ground and the newspaper will quickly decompose.


Stampin Up, Card, distressed corner, nice layers, Beautiful Wings embosslit

via Etsy.

from book Playing With Books by Jason Thompson - paper house - recycled book pages