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Anything About Horses

Anything About Horses

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Horse Shoe Wreath www.thewarmbloodh...

Polo boots Joel Albert.

A badge of honor, the alamar knot was tied in the training mecate when the California stock horse had graduated to become a bridle horse. Two coils of the mecate were draped over the horse's neck with the knot proudly worn on the horse's chest. This set him apart as a finished bridle horse. It could also be slipped up toward the throat latch with the lead run through the bosalita to lead.

The Legendary Alamar Knot

Great reference photo - tying your rope halter knot correctly. When a rope halter is tied correctly, the knot will not slip if the horse pulls back, nor is it likely to become so tight that you can't untie it. When a rope halter is tied incorrectly, the knot will slip if the horse pulls back, allowing the horse to slip out of it, and after it has slipped for a while, it will tighten down so that you'll probably never get it untied.

Polo Bar 2

The Polo Bar on 5th Ave | Ferrvor

Polo Bar 3 RL #equestrianlifestyle

The Polo Bar on 5th Ave | Ferrvor

RL Polo Bar 4

The Polo Bar on 5th Ave | Ferrvor

www.eyefordesignl... Equestrian Chic Interiors

Eye For Design: Equestrian Chic Interiors

This is a great at-a-glance reference! Horse Side Vet Guide - Quick Reference - Equine Lower Limb Anatomy #horse #horses #arabianhorse #arabians

Grazing Management Infographic

Grazing Management | Zareba Electric Fences

rotational grazing

Slowfeeder ...another great idea! Keeps hay dry, easy to move on wheels, and perfect to set up in several locations. I think this would be the perfect solution for a couple of horses!


I can smell the saddle oil and wood tack trunks just looking at this photo!

19 Tack Rooms That Are Nicer Than Your House « HORSE NATION

Best Slow Feeders For Horses | forums.horsecity....

Slow Feeders? - Page 5 - Horse Hoof

<3 Photographed by Tony Golding. #Horse #Cheval

Knots: How to Tie the Highwayman's Hitch. BEST knot for tying horses up, no bindup to release one fast.

Knots: How to Tie the Highwayman's Hitch

How to Make a Rope Halter, part 1: Great video, especially if you're like me and don't do so well following diagrams in a book!

This amazingly comfortable trail saddle is now back in stock and on sale for only $450! Model 8136 features the old style cowboy design that people know & love! #trail #trailsaddle #trailride #endurance #endurancesaddle #saddle #saddles #western #westernsaddle #cowboy #oldwest #west #horse #horses #equine #equestrian #country #horsebackride #riding

Horse Anatomy Pictures-Think Like a Horse-Rick Gore Horsemanship ®

When people say its just a horse... they just don't understand

horse quotes on Tumblr

Kentucky Derby Recipes..Oaks Lily...Official cocktail of the derby

22 Recipes For Your Kentucky Derby Party

Beautiful Kentucky Derby grounds.

Build Your own Horse Pallet Feeder | EASY DIY and CRAFTS

Build Your own Horse Pallet Feeder - EASY DIY and CRAFTS

Things I'm Thankful For As An Equestrian