Purple door with gold door knob

Always love a painted door!Paint a Door instead of the walls! creates intrigue without overpowering The marriage of purple paint and dark wood floors also looks surprisingly classic. The door can be painted over when this darker tone seems too harsh.

Organizing: Wrap It Up!-gift wrapping organization

Closet door gift wrap organization station using container store products. I could definitely use this to get all my random wrapping things corralled and off the floor!

Sunny Side Up: Formal Dining Room (molding)

Formal Dining Room

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Sunny Side Up: Formal Dining Room (molding)

Coastal Hideaway – Sandbanks - Hayburn & Co

Coastal Hideaway – Sandbanks - Hayburn & Co;Roman Shade with Draperies, but not necessarily sold on the Cornice.