jim hodges

Jim Hodges Rocks Sculptures

Diy with rocks and metallic paint.New York artist Jim Hodges has created these beautiful works. It's hard to get an idea of scale in these images.

Tanapol Kaewpring, 2010

Fire in a box. Tanapol Kaewpring, an interesting concept! Makes me think of how we as humans tend to put god or spiritual things in a box instead of letting him set us free.

Theresa Himmer Iceland glitter drip street art

Theresa Himmer Iceland glitter drip street art// Glitter on the walls? I love iceland!


Modern embroidery and textile art, what i like: differing patterns and texture. If these were made with brighter happier fabrics or neutral full colors, it can be something great.

Neon Red Wooden Deer

Neon Red Wooden Deer - a group of varying sizes, shapes on a table at Christmas would be fun and easy to do or on a mantel

Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley, British In his sculptures, installations, and public artworks, Antony Gormley explores the relation of the human body to space and moments in time.

Male figure  Chalcolithic Age, c. 3500 BC  Safadi, near Beersheba, northern Negev, Levant  Hippopotamus ivory  Louvre

Male figure / Chalcolithic Age, c. 3500 BCE / Safadi, near Beersheba, northern Negev (southern Israel), Levant / Hippopotamus ivory / Louvre

Whitehotel Sarah Sze, Notepad (2008)

Notepad, Sarah Sze, Color offset lithograph and laser engraving bound as composition pad, Whitney Museum of American Art

Stone mold for casting female figurine and modern cast. 19th-17th century BCE. Nahariya, Israel.

Mold for casting a goddess figurine Nahariya Middle Canaanite Period (an ancient Semitic people, who occupied Canaan, before it was conquered by the Israelites), century BC. Stone (H: - W: cm) Israel Antiquities Authority

Eva Hesse

Eva HESSE 1936 Germany – United States of America 1970 United States of America from 1939 Contingent 1969 cheesecloth, latex, fibreglass overall h x w x d cm

David Huycke

'Imitanulation by Belgian artist David Huycke Polyurethane, paint, steel, glass, 105 x 105 x 295 cm. via arnoldsche

Urs Fischer's Hanging Raindrops

1500 Giant Raindrops - by Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (April Photo by Stefan Altenburger