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“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed”.- Maria Montessori

Inspirational Quotation Poster: Maria Montessori


Never be the obstacle.

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Joseph's coat in a box! Could do this with other stories/ objects

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Joseph's coat in a box!


Rock, Water, Paintbrush- work

To the Lesson!: Classroom


Hammering as work?

Rockabye Butterfly: Wood Working Workshop


Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough Recipe! - The Imagination Tree

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BASIC 3 circuit labyrinth!

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Wood cross polishing, a potential practical life / response activity for Godly Play, especially in Lent.

Discovery Days and Montessori Moments: Lent is here!


Godly Play -- the Holy Baptism story, I think -- at St Timothy's, North Carolina.

St Timothy's Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem, NC | Children



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Tutorial: Secret to Cutting Felt (spoiler -- freezer paper!)

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St. Valentine Godly play

Watkins Every Flavor Beans: St. Valentine


Godly Play at Children's Dallas BEAUTIFUL! This is absolutely wonderful. Oh how I would love to experience Godly Play in this setting. How do I get in on this? (The only moment of discomfort in this video was when poor Moses got his head pinched. Hehe. I'm sure Moses would forgive that.)

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idea for hiding a bulletin board. maybe with white or tan. on a quest to hide the preschool stuff...

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This [peace table/area] is where we will go when we are feeling upset. You may sit quietly and watch the grains of sand flow through the timer. When we are feeling upset with another person, we can invite them to sit with us here. When we both are sitting, the person who did the inviting will speak first, in a calm and quiet voice, and explain why they are feeling upset. When they are done, they pass [the peace object] to the other person, who may then speak in response. (Stacy Burnett)

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Considering making an "inspiration book" that includes prints of fine works of art as well as some "how to" instructions for supplies we have. Might be some stuff here to use. The Artful Parent Arts and Crafts Directory -- Over 500 Activities for Kids!

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So cool. The story of creation being told by an American storyteller in Guatemala. Trish, the storyteller said, "...the creation story was epic, transcending all language barriers!" Just beautiful. So honored to be working with Trish and all the folks at DCC.

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Lydia Mulkey

You're not going to find a better example of how to treat children with respect. Watch the way he immediately goes to the child's eye level. Watch the intent with which he listens and responds. Just beautiful. Watch to the end, but make sure you have a tissue close by.

It's You I Like



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LOVE this reflection on the free response time! Godly Play: Free Response

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Focal Shelf

Godly Play


Took the mess free finger painting idea from Pinterest and changed it a bit- put gold glitter paint in the ziploc bag and taped it to a dry erase board with gold tape. Attractive and inviting- seemed appropriate for Epiphany work.

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Three Kings Chain- make some copies for an Epiphany work option

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finger labyrinth

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Finger labyrinths