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Gravity Falls/Reverse Falls

Yes, more Reverse Falls. I still like the Monster Falls AU best, but this gif is pretty cool you HAVE TO ADMIT (Gravity Falls/Reverse Falls end of the world to commemorate the eerie town.

Mable, Dipper, and Tyrone

If Tyrone lived. THIS IS SO CUTE OMG. This artist is a Pincester but pshhhhh Fallers stick together no matter what. Even if they ship their NOTPs. This is adorable. <<<< fallers stick together with the use of that alien glue

An Unofficial AU Blog for the Gravity Falls Fandom : Photo

You MY puppet now, kid!

Steven Universe: Trending Images Gallery | Know Your Meme

Kirby and Steven Universe crossover sooo cute!

THIS IS NOT FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!

The feels are real. Marco X Jean, attack on titan