It's the REAL thing!

A red Coca-Cola Door. This would be a very cool shed door or something.

So bright

Green Indian ringneck parakeets on an orange wall. Thx to for the real name of these birds!

1941 Diamond T

Vintage Classic 1963 Maserati photo via vs lamborghini sports cars cars sport cars

red anemone

red anemones flower a hearty perennial that looks like a poppy one of my favorites

satin detailing

Red Wedding Dresses:It is all season fashion trends in Asian brides .With the advent of fashion trends the red dress is considered the true essence among.


Montserrat Gudiol ~ She was born in Barcelona in the daughter of the architect and art historian, Gudiol Ricart. Montserrat studied restoration of old paintings and focuses specifically on painting on wood and paper.