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- Toria's Treasure Chest -: Party Planning - Bubble Guppies Birthday

Bubble strands for a reception, New Years Eve, etc. Hang them from the ceiling in clusters or like the pic by the dance floor! Or you can do that for a pool party or mermaid party as bubbles

ooohhh i have an idea for this . . . !!

statche bash party invites for adults. oh yea, add in the mullet! super fun theme for guys!

5 Ways to Get Free Pallets For Crafting

There are so many ideas online right now about ways to use pallets for home decor, to build patio furniture, benches, tables and more. But, where can you get free pallets? Here are 5 ways you can get them free.

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Don't you just love this trend of fabric wrapped wire lampshades - also know as ghost shades! You can totally design your own unique lampshade using a wire frame and scraps of fabric, with a few unique embellishments.