Setting Up Your Science Notebook $

Setting Up Your Science Notebook

Instead of buying this, I can use PowerPoint to create some of the pages/outlines and glue/staple them to the pages of the notebook. Instead of "About the Author" page, use "About the Scientist".

great site for science notebooks

Science Notebooking: Flips and Flaps. Making pages that flip up so you can get more space out of a page. Would also be great for studying!

SCIENCE Vocabulary and Graphic Organizers - Student Aid: Provide students with information that is large and always present. The more times that a student is shown information, the more likely the retention. Students can see posters like this everyday and learn from them without even realizing it. Daydreamers learn while not even noticing :) (Grades K - 12) Found on Pinterest.

science writing anchor chart - love this! We see so many math and language arts anchor charts (which is great), and I love this science one!