5 Elements

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Here are samples of different items that can serve as the elemental remedies needed for traditional Feng Shui.

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Rain Curtain is a nice outdoor water feature.

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A red light is an especially strong "fire" remedy since it combines heat with the color red.

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Having a red "fire" painting that can be moved around as needed is a great way to get the fire energy needed in a certain location.

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A lava lamp makes a great "fire" remedy because it has heat, the color red and movement (yang energy).

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Asparagus ferns help to increase the negative ionic charge in the air, boosting good feelings and health.

Invest in an aquarium to boost your wealth factor! Place your aquarium in the west, to strengthen your intelligence and career endeavors.

Aquariums are beautiful water remedies, but require more care. You don't actually need fish for it to work for Feng Shui, but the water needs to be clean, circulating and able to interact with the air in the room (meaning the top has to be partially open.)

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A betta tank can work well as a small water remedy, and the fish circulates the water. They are quite hardy fish.

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A red throw rug is a great and easy way to get needed red into an area for your "fire" remedy. An area of at least 24" x 24" is needed to get the right effect. The brighter the red, the better. Purples, bright oranges and pinks are also considered fire colors because of the amount of red they contain. The color red elevates the heart rate.

So interesting to see sand art incorporated in a terrarium!

This is a cute terrarium made with hardy succulents.

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If you have trouble keeping plants healthy, you can use fake plants. They look so real these days, and the green color does help to provide a "wood" influence.

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There are even betta containers for the wall in a tight space.

Feng Shui wind chimes can help improve those that have challenges with depression or a feeling of laziness. Here are some quick Feng Shui tips to help with the placement and location of wind chimes to help improve energy, clarity and taking action.

Chimes and bells are very protective as a metal remedy and can be placed easily. The metal sound is strong and makes up for the lack of weight.

Elemental Magic for Beginners: Basic Principles – Craft of Wicca

A bowl of water can be used sometimes when a "yin" or subtle water influence is needed.

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Pets are also considered to be a "fire" remedy because they are active (yang) and also because our bodies oxidize oxygen the same way an open fire/flame does.

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The open flame on a stove is also considered a fire element wherever the kitchen is placed.