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My Favorite Free Fonts Vol. II

More free fonts.especially love Clipper Script, Honey Script, and Alexandria.

brush lettering

dreweuropeo I find that in brush lettering there are 2 major types of brush pens, 1 type has the bristles & the other has the felt tip. Upon inspection to my collection, I found a lot of brands that i bought overtime.

The Art of Calligraphy – 40 Free Fonts for Creative Writing - An insightful blog post on using Calligraphic fonts efficiently - along with a mountain of freebies!

The Art of Calligraphy - 40 Free Fonts for Creative Writing

Favorite Free Fonts

Funky Polkadot Giraffe, "Kyla's Favorite Free Fonts, Part One." So many cute free fonts! I swear, Lavanderia is on every single list.

free fonts

13 Favorite Free Fonts 2013

13 Favorite Free Fonts 2013 I love it. Already have 'Dawning of a New Day' installed on my laptop!

Free Fonts

Ribbon Happy Pea Noodle Parlor Mayonaise Mission Script Return To Sender Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded Masquerade Rustler Blanch Caps Inline Serious Sally Pea Sugar Noodles KG Be Still And Kno.

Cute Free Fonts

25 free colorful fonts // Hooray for A Subtle Revelry one day I'll actually type something and need these.