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The Duke of Wellington's Tomb, St Paul's Cathedral, London, England - Great military leader and Prime Minister (1769-1852).

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On the morning of the battle of Waterloo, the Emperor Napoleon declared that the Duke of Wellington was a bad general, the British were bad soldiers and that France could not fail to win an easy victory. Forever afterwards historians have accused him of gross overconfidence, and massively underestimating the calibre of the British commander opposed to him...

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Rare skeleton of unknown 'British' soldier found Waterloo Battlefield

Last stand: French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who returned from exile to fight the battle in a bid to regain dominance of Europe , was defeated by Dutch, Prussian and British troops led by the Duke of Wellington.

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Mrs. Fitzherbert; by Thomas Gainsborough. Maria Fitzherbert was the secret and unlawful wife of the George IV while he was still the Prince Regent.

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RAP finds an image

George IV Prinny (Is there anything more to really be said?) (Are you A RAPper or a RAPscallion?

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