It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.

so true ha.

How my day at work went…

This is my life. killed me when I read this. Made me laugh literally out loud! My day at work (almost everyday).

That's so laughable--Me halfway through shaving my legs: "I don't want to do this anymore." So true.


We're sorry, your request for victim status has been denied. You are being referred to the Big Girl Panties department. Please stand by. Oh man, I know some people like this

Keep your miserable ass away from me. >>>Truth! Some people are just gloomy no matter what you say

You know that saying, misery loves company.too many people at work take that so literally! You can take your judge mental miserable ass away from my sunny side of life, k thanks!

like a lady

lipstick-feminists: “[e-card with text that reads “I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady.” ” Adele is so cool

And y'all thought I was a "people person"


I will attribute this quote/phrase/quip to my best girlfriend and sister (in-law) who has been known to say "ew, [insert word]" at just the right moments.

Vintage memes: Once again honey your shit doesn't add up - vintage retro funny quote

Oh snap...its on!

Shit definitely got real if you ask someone to hold your earrings or purse!

i want to say this all the time. to one particular female. but i don't. because that's rude.

Puts a new spin on my fav.Funny Flirting Ecard: Your face, I like that shit.