a must do baby photo op! A picture of each child at the same age looking like a chef to hang in the kitchen.a different age but same concept in the bathroom

Why Kids Need Pets.

9 Heartwarming Photos Proving That Kids Need Pets

Why Kids Need Pets. I don't care who you are this is sweet and pets make the perfect best friend/ body guard for children.

Hudson's House: Personalized Pet Food Area. elevated dog bowls. diy pet food bowls. To put in my mud room!

Scrappy's House: Personalized Pet Food Area and elevated dog bowls. To put in my mud room once I have one.

Chicken stock, water frozen with dog treats and toys. Keeps your dogs entertained! Great for summertime to cool them off.  such a great idea!!

How To Manifest The Law Of Attraction

Freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats, etc to keep dogs from getting bored and overheated in the backyard. For all my dog friends Chicken stock water carrots and toys. Doing this for Wilshire this summer

French Bulldog Puppy

We have a brindle frenchie and he is so sweet! French Bulldog Puppy Brindle this is def our next dog! Some dayyyy


Squirrels are adorable autumn creatures! They really remind us to cherish the little moments we have with our family and friends during the fall harvest season.

Ha ha ha. How I feel right now!

How I feel bathing suits funny monkey image and quote How I feel bathing suits

Stunning vintage details.

In this vintage-inspired engagement ring, a bezel-set center diamond floats above a halo of diamond accents bordered by an octagonal frame. Bezel-set baguette accents create a look of shimmering beauty (average total carat weight).

Kitty doing yoga…

Kitty doing yoga…

Funny pictures about Cats Sleep In Any Position. Oh, and cool pics about Cats Sleep In Any Position. Also, Cats Sleep In Any Position photos.

Sleep Attack…

Funny pictures about A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating. Oh, and cool pics about A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating. Also, A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating photos.

Corgi cuteness...

I can't resist the cuteness of a corgi pup.and with a bow tie. Reminds me of my boys when they were babies. - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Bouquet // Rustic Country Wedding in Blush Navy // Meet The Burks Photography

Rustic Country Wedding in Blush and Navy {Meet The Burks Photography}

Live in Montreal and looking for vintage rentals and handmade items to compliment your wedding venues? please visit

Wed: Katy & Andrew in Jacksonville