Salmon in a Bag - Tin foil, lemon, salmon, butter S – Wrap it up tightly and bake for 25 minutes at 300 °

Tin foil should not be touching food. use parchment paper next to food then the foil. EASY Salmon in a Bag - Tin foil, lemon, salmon, butter, wrap it up tightly and bake for 25 minutes at 300 °

The Perfect Baked Potato. Slice potato almost but not all the way through. Tuck butter between slices. Bake until tender. Dribble with sour cream. Shower with grated cheese. Bake again until melted and gooey. Lavish with more sour cream and chopped scallion or crumbled bacon or chili or whatever you please.

The perfect baked potato…

The Perfect Baked Potato :: Slice Almost -Not All The Way Through. Tuck Butter Between. Bake Til Tender. Dribble w/ Sour Cream. Shower w/ Grated Cheese. Bake Again. Lavish w/ More Sour Cream & Bacon or Chilli.

Crescent Burgers

Crescent Burgers

Crescent Burgers Recipe ½ pound of ground beef Worcestershire sauce 1 Egg ⅓ packet of dry onion soup mix ½ tsp of black pepper ⅔ cup of cheddar cheese 1 roll of crescents Preheat oven to 375 min

Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce

Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce - Straight from their website! Ingredients 1 cup milk 1 cup heavy cream cup imported Parmesan cheese, grated cup imported Romano cheese, grated 6 egg yolks from fresh jumbo eggs Salt and black pepper to taste Procedures.

Best Paint Colors for Your Home: LIGHT BLUES. Sleepy Blue by Sherwin Williams

Best Paint Colors for Your Home: LIGHT BLUES

Enrtyway/hallway color: Sleepy Blue by Sherwin Williams at Houzz. Traditional Entry design by Boston Architect design studio M. Best Paint Colors for Your Home: LIGHT BLUES @ Remodelholic

berry-cheese flag

Patriotic fruit & cheese tray ~ would be great for the of July! Great idea for family reunion fruit tray

White Cheese Chicken Lasagna

White Cheese Chicken Lasagna Recipe by Lisa Humpf "A chicken and spinach lasagna with a creamy white cheese sauce. Great for any kind of pot luck.

Paula Deen Fresh Raspberry Bars

Fresh Raspberry Bars Recipe by Paula Deen

Crock Pot Shredded Beef Tacos

The Country Cook: Crock Pot Mexican Shredded Beef (I may change & substitute some ingredients) ingredients: pounds) chuck roast, oz) taco seasoning, oz) jar salsa, cup water jar taco sauce.

Grands!® Mini Pizzas Recipe

Grands!™ Mini Pizzas

Customize individual biscuit pizza your way! These mini pizzas are ready in 25 minutes, thanks to a tasty crust made from refrigerated biscuits. these will be fun with the kids!ill make my own biscuits though :)