spool knitting with beads. My grandmother taught me how to do this, but I have forgotten how.  I used to do it all the time as a kid.

spool knitting with beads! Very clever, I wondered how you could french knit…

Finger Knit Scarf

Finger Knit Scarf (Multicolour)

Finger Knit Scarf - knit several feet, join into a circle, loop around your neck - voila - a fantastic easy peasy scarf! If it wasn't done thickly, could I make it in a light color for spring or summer?

DIY knitting nancy/spool knitting - toilet roll Knitting Nancy. This page shows you how to make one.  The website has loads of spool knitting instructions, ideas and pictures.

diy french knitting (knitting nancy) for kids using toilet paper roll and popsicle sticks

Fingerknit basket.

… finger knit spring basket , originally uploaded by imagine childhood . Here's the knitter's process in making the basket.

4 French Knitting / iCord craft ideas | MollyMooCrafts.com

Tinkiering with: icord knitting

Tinkiering with: icord knitting

More ideas
TravelinOma: knitting .....love the colors....unique.

Woven Spool knitted Heart designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)

i-cord flowers created with french knitter and buttons

heather-beads: bobbin along Perhaps try French knitting method & replace centre with Dorset Button?

Spool Knit Flowers - finally something cute to make with all those miles of French knitting!

More flower ideas for hats (or whatever - pillows?) several spool knitting ideas.

Coasters, lollipops possibilities are endless! I am going to make some tonight!

Peppermint Coaster

Lily® Sugar ‘n Cream® Peppermint Coaster (knit) (I bet you could do this in crochet too)