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Fun stuff for dogs + DIY ideas for dog owners. Super helpful tips to save time & money on pet care, dog products, and things around the house. More fun dog stuff at The Fun Times Guide to Dogs: + Homemade Dog Treats Recipes:
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10 Mistakes Made By Dog Owners - you love your dog and you know what's best for her, right? Maybe so, but you could be missing some things. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by dog owners.

10 Things Dog Owners Do Wrong

Why Does My Dog... Vomit Yellow Foam? - It may simply be that his stomach is empty and the bile is causing him to throw up yellow foam. But there could be a medical condition at play, too.

Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Yellow Foam?

Here are photos of dogs riding on motorcycles... do you think this is safe???

Dog Motorcycle Riding: Do You Think This Is Safe? | Fun Times Guide to Dogs

Dog Paw Print Pattern

Free Animal Patterns for Crafts, Stencils, and More | Page 4

How to REALLY tell if your dog is uncomfortable or in pain!

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Uncomfortable | Natural Dog Company

How to have fun in the sun without your dog getting sunburned

Fun in the Sun

How To Clean Kong Toys When Your Dog’s Treats Are Stuck Inside - HINT: They finally made a dog toy cleaning brush!

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Dogs and Ice Water: It's a RUMOR that giving your dog ice or ice water on a hot day can cause the dog to die from bloating and spasms.

Is Ice Water Dangerous for Dogs?

Dog Eyesight - a new study finds that cats & dogs see in ultraviolet light - which opens up a whole different world than the one we see!

Cats, Dogs, and Other Animals Can See Beyond Human Perception

This National Geographic video gives you a peek inside a dog retirement home: House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

Woman Starts A Senior Dog Retirement Home For Unwanted, Older Pets – You Have To See This

Before you take your dog for a jog, keep in mind that not every dog is born to run! Here's some good info...

Not All Dogs Are Born To Run

This interactive dog food bowl serves 2 purposes: 1) it's a slow feed dog bowl 2) it's a treat-dispensing dog toy. A review of the PAW5 Rock & Bowl for dogs

PAW5 Rock 'n Bowl Review: It's A Slow Feed Dog Bowl & Interactive Puzzle Toy For Dogs! | Fun Times Guide to Dogs

How to choose safe chew bones for dogs and avoid the dangers of cooked bones.

Bones Can Kill Your Dog So Find Out Which Ones Are Safe

If your dog passes away at home, you have 3 options: vet, crematorium, burial. Here's what you need to know about cremating or burying a dog.

My Dog Died At Home, What Should I Do? | Fun Times Guide to Dogs

Dog afraid of car rides? Here's how to get your dog comfortable with riding in the car!

Dog Afraid Of Car Rides? Here's How To Get Your Dog Comfortable With Riding In The Car | Fun Times Guide to Dogs

Warning: Dogs and Poisonous Toads don't mix well!

Golden Thinks Her Run In With A Poisonous Toad Is Absolutely Hilarious

24 Simple Ways To Save Money As a Dog Owner

24 Simple Ways To Save Money As a Dog Owner

Warning to dog owners: Pet restraint crash tests show that most dog restraints fail! (no real pets were used)

Pet owner alert: Most restraints for pets in cars fail crash tests

A Kong toy cleaning brush -- it's perfectly shaped for cleaning Kong toys!

How To Clean Kong Toys When Your Dog's Treats Are Stuck Inside | Fun Times Guide to Dogs

A Checklist For Prospective Dog Owners - an awesome list of things to think about before you pick out a dog!

Date My Pet » The Bedlam Farm Checklist For Prospective Dog Owners

The Katz on Dogs dog training book answers all of the questions new dog owners usually have! See my favorite tips from the book...

Katz On Dogs: See Why I Think It's One Of The Best Dog Training Books + My Favorite Dog Training Tips From The Book | Fun Times Guide to Dogs

How To Make A Pet-Friendly Garden - An environment that is safe and useful in many ways, and safe for your dog

Pet Friendly Garden - How to Make One |

Dog chew toy suggestions -- based on your dog’s chewing & playing style

Dog Toys – The Good, The Bad, and The… well, you know…

Got pets? Here are 21 surprisingly simple ways to save money on Pet Care #dog

21 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

21 things all animal rescue parents understand to be true #dogfoster #dog

21 Things All Rescue Pup Parents Know To Be True