Taquería Canalla, designed by Manifiesto Futura #identity #packaging #branding #marketingPD

Branding The visual identity for Taquería Canalla, designed by Manifiesto Futura. The nice touch is that even the packaging of the sauces fit the theme.

月刊「カーサ ブルータス」編集部が提供するwebマガジン。大阪・南堀江に誕生した、新ランドマーク的ショップ。| OSAKA


Tienda de alto prestigio, el diseño es muy modernalista, se puede apreciar grandes ventanales a derecha e izquierda mostrando el total completo del interior de la tienda. Mario Bellido

In the heart of Budapest, the Vass shoes minimalism showroom. Combining tradition and innovation in shoe making. Visit Vass shoes in Budapest (HU).



we could use this too to rockville example like outdoor indoor entrance as we discussed


cafe love - friends of mine, melbourne - light and dark with chandelier

a cafe in tokyo

nill style cafe / mapp : : tokyo - A tiny teal cottage and one of the cutest shops around; it’s virtually a Nakameguro icon. It stocks a small selection of clothing, accessories and jewelry pieces; it has few seats and a small menu.

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