One-Page Composer Bios is a 100% reproducible book containing brief, informative, and interesting one-page biographies of 50 of history’s greatest composers. Use these easy-to-read bios as a complete course in composers or music history---studying as many or as few composers as you wish---or use them as supplemental material in the music classroom. #music #education #teaching

Alfred Music | One-Page Composer Bios | Book

(P) A free app introducing Beethoven and his music to young kids with engaging story accompanied by his music, with option to turn off visual and sound to read it as a plain book #kidsapps #musicapps #bookapps

FREE App: Classical Kids - Beethoven Lives Upstairs | iGameMom

Awesome website! Classics for Kids: Audio biographies of composers, audio samples of their work, short quizzes, lesson plans. plus kids games and they can compose their own music

Classics for Kids

FREE! Compose Your Own! BAG Composition

FREE! Compose Your Own! BAG Composition

JOHN WILLIAMS & HIS MUSIC FOLDABLES This file containsTWO different FOLDABLES in BOTH COLOR AND B/W 1. MEET JOHN WILLIAMS FOLDABLE: Students’ record facts they have learned about John Williams 2. JOHN WILLIAMS & HIS MUSIC: This foldable is a perfect accompaniment to foldable 1, or can be used on its own to respond to Wagner’s music during a listening lesson ♫ Instructions on how to assemble the foldable is also included! ♫ Excellent addition to


Looking for ways to integrate more listening lessons and music history into your general music class? This "Composer of the Month" set focuses on Georges Bizet, and includes listening lessons, worksheets, slideshows, and more!

Composer of the Month: Georges Bizet

Georg Friedrich Handel . Born the same year as Bach and in a town only 50 miles away - however that's where the similarities end. Handel's well known for his work "The Messiah" and "Water Music", he (Like Purcell) was an extraordinarily popular English composer.

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This short video is an excellent biography for Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven is seen as one of the greatest composers in music history. This video gives good insight to who he was as a composer and helps to give understand to who is is as a person since that is direct insight into his music and why he wrote certain pieces and what he was going through when he wrote them.

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isle of skye, scotland.

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Music composer Printables

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52 Composer profiles, good for composer of the month. Gershwin

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Surprise Symphony Listening Map ~ Free Printable PDF!

The Journey Unexpected: Surprise Symphony Listening Map

Composers cool would it be for kids to make their own? The teacher could keep the best ones and use for future classes!

Composer Unit Study « Preparation Education

famous musicians pages with short bio

Famous Musicians

Composer study ideas

Composer Study | Jimmie's Collage

Composer of the month packet

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Sheryl Welles has lots of tips for teaching music. Here's a picture of a game that would be fun to use to teach about composers. Write facts about each composer on the piano keys and cut them up. Mix the keys up with other composer keys and see if students can match the keys to the correct composer AND put them in order to look like a keyboard.

Notable Music Studio: Music Appreciation

Go Fish Cards for Music Composers

Educational "Go Fish" for Science and History

John Phillip Sousa coloring page

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Each month I take a few minutes to introduce my students to an influential composer and we listen to an example. I have Vivaldi, Mozart, Handel, Dvorak, and Copland so far..

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Composer Study pages

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John Phillip Sousa coloring page

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Bugs Bunny Franz Liszt

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Printable Composer books

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Bach Composer Puzzle - Kids put puzzles together at a station and fill in graphic organizer using facts on puzzle. Could double-bubble with another composer...

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