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Alyssa Hollingsworth

Alyssa Hollingsworth

Writer, photographer, designer--and the random things that inspire her.

Erté (Romain de Tirtoff) (Russia, St. Petersburg, 1892-11-23 - 1990) Costume for Ganna Walska as Floria Tosca in 'Tosca', Act II; Woman's Gown with Shawl and Crown, 1920

Before JK Rowling, critics and experts predicted that young adult (YA) literature would finally die, as sales continued to decline. In 1997, a mere 3,000 YA books were published. A decade later that number was 30,000.

Thousands of Afghan interpreters who have applied for resettlement in the United States could be left in the lurch if a defense bill is not amended.

These days, most of us know not to use racial slurs or say anything that starts with “some of my best friends are…” We can all go on about how important it is not to ...

If you want to build a successful freelance business, you must be prepared to put in the work. Use this 90 day plan to get the results you want!

Great novel characters have several attributes in common. Read 15 character writing insights from the best writing blogs.

Elsa Sjunneson-Henry is a bonafide bad-ass, and she doesn't need Daredevil's skills to do it. Elsa writes a lot on the subject of disability and diversity, and here, she's going to teach us sighted...

Ruth and I are binge watching Downton Abbey at the moment – and, yes, Maggie Smith’s Dowager is even more fun the second time around.  For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it draws muc…

Book buzz catches book reviewers & bloggers’ attention, which can drive sales. But how do you create buzz? How do you get people talking about a book?

Why are publishers using Instagram to promote their books and brands? According to Socialbakers, the top brands on Instagram have a 47x higher average post engagement rate than the top brands on Tw…

bullet journal ,can it change my life?

planwithmechallenge Day 26 Gratitude One of my favorite spreads tohellip

Learning How To Disappear Is Easier Than Actually Doing It. However, You Have Success With The Right Amount Of Planning And Preparation. This Article Shows You How To Disappear Without A Trace.

Watch how people take notes. Creativity can show up as non-linear notes. seriously love her journaling style...

Moleskine Doodles by Kerby Rosanes. Wow.