People look at me like I'm a monster when I talk about the future because I have realistic expectations of what life will be like for us. I will have a dependant adult, I don't know how I will cope with that and yes it scares me. Why is that such an awful thing to say?

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I think I’m in love with this design from the Silhouette Design Store!

Silhouette Design Store: boy stole my heart he calls me mom

Middle School books

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Melissa Bennett

Haven't stopped thinking about you since the first day I met you...

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Parents need a plan when it comes to correction—in a way that points them to Christ's law, speaks to their hearts, and imparts grace. For handmade dolls that have interchangeable eyes and mouths, visit!

3 Bible Verses You Should Be Using to Correct Your Kids

Do you recognize the need to build up your children every day, too? This list of phrases will encourage the child who hears them from a sincere parent. There are so many “voices” in this world telling our kids they don’t measure up. Behind every young child who believes in him, is a parent who believed in him first. Let’s go on the offensive and help our girls and boys see how truly wonderful they are. ~ Club31Women

How to Build Up Your Marriage, Child, and Home . . . One Word at a Time {with 3 Free Printables} - Club 31 Women

A parent's role in a growth mindset: Helping children embrace challenges — Pars Caeli

A parent's role in a growth mindset: Helping children embrace challenges

I so love this. This is why my parenting advise to new moms is 'don't listen to anyone's parenting advice'

Work-in-Progress Parenting: Emotional Children

How to help your child make integrity based choices - This month's Powerful Word is Integrity!

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Coping skills & understanding what is within your control.

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Becoming aware of children's emotional triggers - love this!! ~ I did something similar one year where the kids got to create their own bugs while sharing what bugged them!!!!!!!

behavior management

Geometry. Make your students do it themselves for those hands-on kinesthetic learners!

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Teach children strategies for self-control and you’ll be amazed with how quickly they learn to manage intense emotions. Ages 4-12.

I Choose Self-Control Board - Loving Guidance, Inc.

A few ideas garnered from many resources on how to deal with an angry child.

How to Deal with an Angry Child

Rate effort anchor chart.

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"I am" statements for beginning of year - I like adding pic of student looking up at statements!

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What You GetThis is a visual and written reminder for students at the end of the day before they go home. It is aimed at middle and high school students who need reminders to write down their homework and check to bring home the correct binders and books for homework.

End of the Day Checklist

A stop, think, choose chart will be of great benefit, both at home and school. This will provide a visual to how behavior is throughout the day. Will be able to monitor and regulate behavior in a fun and creative way.

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Forever 21 introduces apparel for boys

Forever 21 introduces apparel for boys

Boy style

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Try these 13 Phrases to Calm Your Upset Child | Lemon Lime Adventures

Try these 13 Phrases to Calm Your Anxious Child

coping skills

... - a grouped images picture

Great pose for young boy

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haircut ideas for boys - Google Search

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