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Native American Art and History

Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa-Lakota by James Ayers

"The white man's government promised that if we, the Shoshones, would be content with the little patch allowed us, it would keep us well supplied with everything necessary to comfortable living... But it has not kept its word! ... It does not protect our rights. It leaves us without the promised seed, without tools for cultivating the land, without implements for harvesting our crops ... I say again, the government does not keep its word!" -- Chief Washakie

Art quilt of Virgin Mary by native American artist.

Tribal Shield: Native American connection


Eagle Dancer Native American Sculpture Mark Hopkins

Native American basketry. These are Chitimacha, from South Louisiana.

Mattie Tom Apache Native American Poster 16x20

The Roman liturgy in the Native American Missions?

Buffalo Calf Road Woman (1850s-1878), was a Northern Cheyenne woman who saved her wounded warrior brother Chief Comes in Sight, in the Battle of Rosebud (as it was called by the US) in 1876. She fought next to her husband in the Battle of the Little Bighorn that same year. In 2005 Northern Cheyenne storytellers broke more than 100 years of silence about the battle, and they credited her with striking the blow that knocked General George Armstrong Custer off his horse before he died.

Native American Man

Indian mother and child, 1905, Oregon 1899 by Tom Hattie in the Boston Public Library...What does that face bespeak?

a yankton sioux woman of native american and white mixed ancestry. she went on to write the first american indian opera, the sun opera, in 1913. she was also a musician and composer and later went on to work for the reform of the indian policies in the unites states.

Sioux Indian with his pipe and the Great Mystery or “Wakantanka” a pipe ceremony

Native North American couple, Situwuka and Katkwachsnea 1912 They both look like models.

Kaw-u-tz (Cado),1906 by George Bancroft

Melissa * Laurence Artisans: Native American Chief

'running wolf'....native american..... [watercolor] by Trish

Mini Native American totem pole