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wanna learn do see experience

Hyphae Cuff - white nylon bracelet, fabricated with 3D printer. 60- via Etsy.

Do it yourself self-help book: Hipster Habit App (Improve Yourself In 30 Days). An app that's really a book, this small wonder helps you break old, undesired habits and replace with new, hipper and healthier habits. Follow this link to download and make your own copy for your HIP pocket.

Heartbreaking for those of us who abstain from alcohol: making a shot glass from a giant jawbreaker with heavy lifting done by a lathe. I reckon I could make a few for those wretched days when lemsip is the only thing on the menu... #abuseyourprivilegesandnomoredrinkiepoo #kindascaredoflathes #the versatilejawbreaker #whoknew ?

I would really like to know more about woodworking so I can make clever storage solutions like this.

I was once given a beautiful pysanky egg from a dear friend. Even with considerable crafting chops, i didn't feel like i had the cojones to try and make some of my own. Decorated sugar cookies are an entirely different story. I've been known to make cookies that are so beautiful, people refuse to eat them. So when I saw these pysanky egg cookies, my mind went "squeeeeeeree"!! I think i can definitely do this. I even have nesting egg cookie cutters. Brett Bara of Manhattan Craft Room created these stunning edibles. The first line of the tutorial says making black icing is "gnarly." it's okay. I've got this. :)

let’s do the math, shall we? legos + 14 year old boy brain = functional printer. young lad leon overwheel created this printer, which he calls the mindstorm. it uses three motors to control an attached pen, which can produce drawings and messages. #leonsabrightspark #itlooksoldschool #legos #isthereanythingyoucantdowithenoughlegos #inventions #printer #leonoverwheel

this is amazing: man drizzles paper thin lines of caramel onto surface and then mounts on a stick like a common lollie. #artonastick #caramel #streetvendor #extraordinary #whatamazingthingcanyoudo?

my childhood home has a beautiful sampler made by my grandmother. it hangs in the kitchen, the heart of the home. it used to be young ladies made samplers as a right of passage. now embroidery is a somewhat lost art. some have found it. #lovethisbook #maygetsomeembroideryflossandstitch

i wanna make this and then learn how to rock it. first song to learn: dream a little dream.

i learned a new knotting technique tonight. made this side open bracelet. it's so military-ish looking i will wear it ironically. the buckle i used has a very shrill whistle in it. fingers crossed i don't have to use it.