light up ceramic began my love of light-up decorations!

Does anyone remember their mom or grandma proudly displaying one of these beauties for Christmas? Was my favorite Christmas decoration! We had 3 of them that my mom did in her ceramics class!

A good memories. Root beer floats in the frosty mugs. yum!

Root Beer floats in frosty mugs! Buy some good quality Vanilla ice cream,(I like french vanilla) and some A&W root beer and be sure to put mugs or glasses prior in the freezer.Delicious on a hot day.

Pencil Box for Elementary School, and like the week of school the lid would cave in and would be a pain to open the rest of the school year!

Baby aspirins a glass bottle

years of taking orange flavored baby aspirins during childhood illnesses. Is it any wonder why I hate orange-flavored food items and beverages that cause a gag reflex.

vintage tupperware

Since my mom was a "Tupperware Lady" my childhood holds many sweet memories of this.

This is how Taco Bell used to look. I remember this!

CCR @ Taco Bell, this is what Taco Bell looked like in San Lorenzo, Ca when my Mom picked me up for lunch one day at school to take me here. Fast food was a treat back then and to have her make it a special lunch will always be a great childhood memory)

Oh yeah, I remember this stuff. I used the pink one when I was in grade. I thought I was so grown up!

.....When the black dot turned red you were good to go.

When the black dot turned red you were good to go. Used this exact set EVERY morning while in high school!

Retainer. Uncomfortable, couldn't talk or eat when wearing, so if wore at all, was only at night.

after my braces came off I got one of time my brother and I were fighting and the retainer came out of my mouth and got was MAD!