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Taina Suomalainen
Taina Suomalainen
Taina Suomalainen

Taina Suomalainen

  • Denver, Colorado USA - Finland

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Covington Space Saver This handsome space saver will fit over any standard toilet, adding valuable space for storing towels and bathroom necessities. Upper cabinet has one fixed shelf; drawer has built-in tissue dispenser.

The RunnerDuck Bathroom Cabinet plan, is a step by step instructions on how to build an over the toilet bathroom cabinet.

Shower that doubles as a sauna.

Sauna Gondola in Finland - Ylläs

When it comes to sauna routine, the basic approach is shower, sauna, rest, sauna and wash, but the best advice is to simply imitate the locals. There are more than 3 million Saunas in Finland. There is even one inside parliament. You may be tempted to enjoy the ritual of lightly beating yourself with birch branches or roll in the snow! Try it, you will want to come back for more!

When a mass migration of Finns came to this country, fleeing poverty and Russian domination in the late 1800s and early 1900s, many settled in Upper Michigan, northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. They brought along Finnish traditions, including their beloved sauna.

Interesting design for a sauna

Sauna by the lake, Finland

Sauna gondola in Finland - Ylläs. Cool! Or should I say hot and cool?

This Riite sauna heater by Tulikivi looks great in this modern Finnish sauna. Photo by Joni Arpinen

Entrance of the traditional Juuka based smoke sauna introduced in the Wall Street Journal article "Heat on Haute Style" on Oct. 17th. 2013. Full article can be found here:

Expectant parents worldwide consider moving to Finland after the BBC’s report, Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes. A box that doubles as a bassinet, comes packed with bodysuits, sleeping bag, outdoor gear, bathing products, diapers, bedding AND 105 days of paid maternity leave, 158 days of parental leave shared between parents, and shorter shifts until the child is two, paid child-care leave and free daycare. Finns pay high taxes Finland is the 9th happiest country in the world.

vasta ei kun vihta :)

The Finnish sauna is cool

Finnish sauna

Modern Finnish Design Sauna Kyly by Avanto Architects

After their swim, the men eat pork-and-mutton sausages grilled over an open fire in the dressing room of the sauna. On the wooden tray can be seen Karelian piirakka, rice-filled pasties with a thin rye crust. The mugs hold a mild, thirst-quenching beer called kalja, which the Finns brew at home from water, malt, sugar and yeast. From The Cooking of Scandinavia, Time Life Foods of the World.