Amazing house, amazing story. Building your dream home only to have it burnt down to the ground in bushfires only one week after completion. Then salvaging all that can be, and finding other things and materials to reuse into this truly unique home. Bravely embracing the past and present. Grand Designs Australia - Bushfire House

Grand Designs Australia: Series 1 · Episode 1 - LifeStyle Channel

staircase inside the abandoned Chateau Jbb in France. (kleiner uRbEx hobbit, via Flickr).

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Creative Gadgets

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Modern Farmhouse

ConceptHousePlans | ConceptHousePlans

What a creative entry to the pool

Morning Glory

map wall

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shaker stairs

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15 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home! Some of these are pretty cool!!

15 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

pod bed..... that would be cool for a teen. OMG! omg omg! omg i NEEEED this bed!!

Final Frame: Transport Perceptual Pod

Vintage school chairs covered ever so smoothly in old maps! Created in Anthropologie style by the incredible

MyAlteredState | DIY Projects Gallery | Pauline Henderson

Lanterns for the garden

Best of the best: Community Garden!

House WOW

Not sure if Weed or LSD

Organic Architect: Amazing

Secret house in the woods

Pink Roses on Limoges

Pink Roses on Limoges - Home Decorating DIY

vasanti peasant top


Gorgeous the stonework, arches, and detail on the wall.

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Great color scheme . .

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Bj Bunton

Purple Bubble Sofa

Purple Bubble Sofa - Fox Home Design

that swing chair...

that swing chair... - Fox Home Design




Architecture Photography: Wind-dyed House / acaa (2) (202241)

There are some seriously cool things here! | 30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed

30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed

DIY Bean Bag Bed! Make me one!!!

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FloWater Waterfall Dispenser

30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed