Easy Halloween Front Door Decoration

You could do the BOO letters in Black, Orange, and Green. You could do something similar with FALL. Front Door Decorations for Halloween. Could do FALL instead in brown with orange ribbon so it could stay up for more than just Halloween

Halloween DIY Spooky Outdoor Hanging Decoration - Fun Holiday Crafts

Looking for a super cheap way to decorate your yard for Halloween? Try this simple spooky decor idea.

Spider Egg Sac How-To....So simple yet very cool looking.

Spider Egg Sac

Spider Egg Sac: This globe-shaped incubator is teeming with eight-legged babies. Make several sacs and suspend them at various heights.

I wanted to create something that freaked out the monsters when they walked up. What better to do that than a ghost that watches your every move!! Super Cheap and Super Easy, I promise! Craft time 1-2 hour!! You can make this as spooky as you want. Mine is G rated.Supplies needed:White sheet- twin will work fine- I bought scrap fabric from the local store that was 36" x 108" - You can check your local thrift stores or look for some scrap fabric at your craft store. You don't want th...

Tracking Ghost Door Decor (super Easy)

Tracking Ghost Door Decor (super Easy): 3 Steps (with Pictures)