Fibonacci ~~Mathematical beauty in nature ~~ "Fibonacci numbers and Phi are related to spiral growth" "If you sum the squares of any series of Fibonacci numbers, they will equal the last Fibonacci number used in the series times the next Fibonacci number. This property results in the Fibonacci spiral seen in everything from sea shells to galaxies"

I love the shape of this shell and how the smooth spiral contrasts with the spikes around the edges. I also like the tiny detailing going around the spiral of the shell.


Shells of the World Double Sided Chart Spondylus Naticas Trochus Bishops Mitre for Framing

Shell print

Vintage Sea Shell Print - Giant Eastern Murex 5x7

watercolour wales

Six Whales Original Watercolor Painting by unitedthread on Etsy SO sad that this sold. Wish she had prints to purchase !


Vintage Sea Shell Nautilus Pompilius Print 8x10 P226

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Vintage Sea Shell Print 8x10 P227

25+ Free Printable Instant Art Vintage Coastal Images !

25+ Free Printable Vintage Aquatic Images


Wodarch’s introduction to the study of conchology : describing the orders, genera, and species of shells : with observations on the nature and properties of the animals and directions for collecting, preserving, and cleaning shells

Black or Dk brown frame Malacozoaires, ou, Animaux mollusques A Paris :Chez F.-G. Levrault,[1828?-1830?]

Black or Dk brown frame Malacozoaires, ou, Animaux mollusques A Paris :Chez…