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Crafts-Lightbulb Crafts

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10 things to do with a light bulb

Here in the Waiting Place: 10 Things to Do With...

Lightbulb Aquarium for your desk! Stress relief.

Top 14 Way to Reuse Light Bulbs | Green Eco Services

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb you can have really cute designs shine on your wall at night? Cool idea!!!

Crafty finds for your inspiration! No.6

Craft Project Ideas: 23 DIY Projects For People Who Suck At DIY

23 DIY Projects For People Who Suck At DIY
  • James Defranco
    James Defranco

    This looks so cool, it's almost like a crystal vial for plants. I love designs like this especially when you need them for like a wedding or something. My wife's sister is getting married and she would love something like this on the tables for the reception. Hopefully I can get something lie this for her because I'd personally love to have these on my table.


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light bulb moment

Inside the bulb

DIY Project: Recycled Light Bulbs

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Light Bulb Vase

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Light bulb upcycling...

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  • Diane Ward-Hall
    Diane Ward-Hall

    Can't wait to make these

Recycled lightbulb--Doing this as a fragrance reed diffuser.

A Lightbulb Bud Vase — ReadyMade

Gives planting bulbs a whole new meaning.

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Top 14 Way to Reuse Light Bulbs

Top 14 Way to Reuse Light Bulbs | Green Eco Services

Light bulb vase at Whiskey Cake

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Light bulb(use small vase) vases on napkin rings. this is piece?

Sjarmerende GJENBRUK: Godt valg

light bulbs hand-painted to look like hot air balloons.

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  • Carol Sutherland
    Carol Sutherland

    Please advise if there is something to coat bulb with before painting - to make it not break so easily! Thinking about making some for Christmas ornaments and don't want them to break so easily if they should fall off a tree!

  • Anna Casper
    Anna Casper

    I want to paint outside light bulbs Anna stained glass type of style can you help me

  • Olga Verba
    Olga Verba

    how to cut the metal piece out?

painted Lightbulb

Lightbulb 1 by Glitchness on deviantART

How to make a Light Bulb Oil Lamp

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Image Detail for - Light bulb terrariums- a tutorial | a subtle revelry | the art of ...

Light bulb terrariums- a tutorial | a subtle revelry

I am amazed at the many, many ways to upcycle light bulbs

Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Light Bulbs.

Easily change your white led solar lights to colored light by painting the bulb with stained glass paint which can be purchased at most craft stores or the crafts section of department stores

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The Best Light Bulb Crafts

The Best Light Bulb Crafts

nail polish + recycled lightbulbs.

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How-Tuesday: Light Bulb Terrariums

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Spray paint lightbulbs through lace!

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