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Funny pictures about Successful Epic Story. Oh, and cool pics about Successful Epic Story. Also, Successful Epic Story photos.

The truth about Luke’s most cherished possession: | 20 Memes Only "Star Wars" Fans Will Understand

Obi-Wan gave me this lightsaber, it was owned by my father before he was killed by Darth Vader. At least that's what Obi-Wan told me.

Pokemon Weapon

Soul Eater/Pokemon crossover where trainers are meisters and their pokemon are the weapons <-oh yes please! <- the first one looks like a pen

Pokemon Weapons

Various Pokemon as cool-ass weapons! Wish I could design stuff like these for GateKeeper! TwT I'm having problems with weapon/armor creation right now, and LoL dat tho!

•Aries• •Sagittarius• •Gemini• •Cancer• •Scorpio• •Leo• •Pisces• •Capricorn• •Libra• •Taurus• •Aquarius• •Virgo•

I like the Aries♈, Virgo♍ and (obviously) Scorpio♏ ones. (Two of my best friends are Aries and Virgo while I am a Scorpio)