I grew up with a mom and aunties who could start singing any song for any situation at any random moment. My life is a Broadway musical.


Why country music? Because I'd rather have a love like Johnny and June then Chris Brown and Rhianna.

Bob Dylan

YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE SUN: a Weird History, from the Inuits to the Military

Bob Dylan- Curly locks,Pitch black Ray-Bans, and A Cool NYC trench Coat!

I miss Chris Ledoux

Chris LeDoux, My all-time favorite cowboy singer (thanks Traci!) He is the best singing rodeo cowboy of all time and I sure do miss his concerts.

Vern Gosdin - He was The Voice - miss him

Country music singer Vern Gosdin, who recorded hits like the award-winning “Chiseled in Stone” during his career, has died at age 74 in Nashville, TN. Verne Gosdin had a recent .

A dream quartet

The Highwaymen . Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash. I've met Kris and he was so nice and thoughtful. I've seen Nelson live and it was magic. Sadly, I never got to see Waylon or Johnny live.

Pistol Annies

Pistol Annies – Miranda Lambert (left) Angaleena Presley (center) and Ashley Monroe – at the Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee – August

Play on.

Pete Seeger, Folk Legend, Dead at 94 /// Seminal figure in American music influenced generations of musicians from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen

Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie would have turned 100 years old on July To commemorate the life and contributions of this great American folklorist and social activist, celebrations were held to carry on his legacy.