twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did. so throw off the bowlines-sail away from the safe harbor-catch the trade winds in your sails-explore-dream-discover.

Vintage 1960s Vietnam Draft Resistance poster.  Girls say Yes to boys who say No.  Joan Baez (left) and her sisters Pauline and Mimi. 1968.

I remember seeing this first on an anti-war poster from the Vietnam War era that said "girls say yes to boys who say no" //// The Baez Sisters, 1968 by Jim Marshall

Pablo Picasso

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nice type mixing

So true. Awkward when your on a date and the boy treats you nice, but then talks bad about the waiter/waitress or the people at the table next to you. Not to mention I actually am that server sometimes!

Quote for the day Sunday 23 September This happens to be my birthday and is so Fitting to me :)

Smart huh?

"Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight." So true, i would lose as much weight as i could if i got ANYTHING Chanel for it.

hahahahhahah SO F Funny

justbeingseriouslysocial: “ McDonald’s teaching you a lesson and here’s an early learner’s comment on that sign: “ The sign is right. McDonald’s doesn’t make kids fat. Parents taking their kids to.

seeking cuddle partner, must enjoy cuddling movies in bed napping with possible kissing and fucking, funny but totally true