the Ascot

Ascot Hat- here's another just as beautiful but not for my world. Not only does this one allow you to keep the sun off your face but it also helps establish your personal space requirements!


The beauty of hats from the past!so elegant and timeless and always made to enhance your gown or clothing. Ideal for a true Vintage Wedding, guests dress in vintage clothing and hats and shoes!


Swarovski crystal headdress - or diamonds? - with black body paint halfway up the face and smokey eye makeup.


The fashion for this decade can be split, pre-war and war + post-war times Pre-war fashion was luxurious and characterized by opulent trimmings, small waists and large exotic hats. Once the war began, things in the fashion world changed with it.

Her Majesty The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II's fashion through the decades

Grandma wore pink and purple today for her Birthday! Queen Elizabeth in pink and purple colorblocking fashion!

Head-to-Toe Kentucky Derby Fashion Guide

Head-to-Toe Kentucky Derby Fashion Guide