Every Harry Potter spell

Every Harry Potter spell

Harry Potter

Mind-blowing Harry Potter fact

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Harry Potter

You act like Harry named the children by himself; Luna is Ginny's best friend, of course her daughter is named partially after her.

Harry Potter

The most magical of tears…

Try to read this without crying.I dare you<< I seriously cried reading this.

Expanding The Harry Potter World

Expanding The Harry Potter World! Interesting<< I love that Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) is Albus Severus.

Well that's one way to look at it.

I hate Snape. I hate how everyone loves Snape. I hate Snape more than Voldemort. Heck, I hate Snape more than Umbridge.

This is not okay. Rowling want me to even more in a HP depression? Because that is not okay.

Actors of Harry Potter

Only one correct answer. Harry Potter cast members choose the one book they'd want to have if they were stranded on a deserted island. The Old Man and the Sea. The Bible. How To Build a Raft.