Hammerhead Sharks

The Great Hammerhead Shark Migration. This is the kind of awesome stuff that Shark Week is skipping over these days in favor of their shitty shows.

tattoo...,love the 3/4 length, the black band that cuts it off.

The waves would be beneath the black band in my sleeve. Not sure if I want my waves in black or in color.

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Shark week is back! We usually think of a shark as a lone hunter prowling the ocean solo, but many are actually social creatures and travel in herds with established hierarchies.

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A good grouping of hammerhead sharks, just like the ones I saw in the Galapagos.

radivs: “ Schooling Hammerhead Sharks Wolf Island by Carin Kiphart ”

The water refracts the light so that it looks bent. Interestingly, the photo also shows a shark that is moving the in the same direction as that line is. This creates a great sense of unity. It shows that the subjects of the photo are unified in motion.

Hammer Time sharks are also being exploited for their fins and millions are killed each year

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The World Under the Water ~Shark Week / the hammerhead shark / a strange creature ,even in an amazingly diverse ocean .