Pink Vespa

Pink Vespa hipster mod home decor retro modern peach by Raceytay, I need on of these!

Vespa Ape Calessino from the 1950's...: ahhh!!!

Vespa Ape Calessino from the the tuk-tuk to the next sports cars sport cars vs lamborghini cars

Winebago mini

A Vespa scooter with VW campervan sidecar! I've always wanted to ride in a sidecar, and LOVE VW buses! Where do I get one of these?

Smoothness by Arlen Ness

Smoothness by Arlen Ness

If Ettore Bugatti had been diverted away from car design and into motorcycles this is almost certainly what he would have cars cars sport cars sports cars vs lamborghini

scooter love

Skippy-Racer scooter, designed by John Rideout and Harold Van Doren for the American National Company in Toledo, Ohio

1965 Mono Scoot

This concept painting of a "mono-scoot" personal transportation device was done by Richard H. Arbib in It is featured in the excellent book Driving Through Futures Past by the Petersen Automotive Museum.

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