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Blake Lively is so gorgeous that it's ridiculous. I love her style, I love her hair color (I would love for my hair to be longer though), and I love her natural makeup.

Patrick Dempsey closest person that resembles my personal hottie bf :)

Patrick Dempsey as "Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy" ~ Grey's Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey Describes His Audition For 'Grey's Anatomy' & His First Read with Ellen Pompeo!

Patrick Dempsey Covers Manhattan Magazine-Photographed by John Russo, Grey's Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey covers the October 2014 issue of Manhattan magaz

Lee Brice <33333

Love Like Crazy Lyrics. And overuse I love you; Don't outsmart your commonsense; Never let your prayin' knees get lazy; And love like crazy.

Derek and Meredith

Patrick Dempsey & Ellen Pompeo- I used to love them and "Grey's" but I'm so over and done with it now. Haven't watched an episode all season, nor do I care to. Sorry Shonda but Grey's blows now!

Patrick Dempsey  There is a very very small family resemblence to my husband -  very very small!!!  they eye brows!!!

You know I love Grey's Anatomy so of course I love, love, love McDreamy - otherwise known as Patrick Dempsey.

Dr. Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey: Patrick Galen Dempsey (born January is an American actor and race car driver, best known for his role as neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd ("McDreamy") on the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy.