New Year's Eve Style

Style in Spades :: New Year's Eve Soirée

New Year's Eve Soirée, rock candy stick in champagne glass.


Luxury interior - Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012 Was uncertain where to place this; Luxe Living or Seriously? Fuzzy line between luxury and ridiculous excess.

Chicago L

The friendlist CTA train station in Chicago. That's the award that the Quincy loop station got tonight as I was photographing. Chicago 'L' Quincy Station

Chicago the Beautiful, The Rookery, Frank Lloyd Wright

The Rookery The stunningly beautiful staircase and skylight at The Rookery in Chicago, by Burnham and Root. The building was completed in but Frank Lloyd Wright totally redesigned the skylit lobby in

The first air show, Paris 1909

❤ One of my favorite things: Hot Air Balloons. The first air show at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. September Photographed in Autochrome Lumière by Léon Gimpel.

Spiral staircase, Palm House at Kew

Wouldn't it be neat to have a green house that looked like this on the inside? Or even a spiral staircase coming off a balcony, leading to the garden

Wurzburg Residenz / Bavaria, Germany.

Residenz, one of the largest and most beautiful baroque palaces in Wurzburg, Bavaria (Germany) It took sixty years to complete; the palace was built from 1720 to 1744 and the interior finished in

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Circus striped pool cabanas would also make a great vintage trailer outdoor space.

NYC's Disused Subterranean City Hall Station

NYC's Disused Subterranean City Hall Subway Station

New York City's long disused City Hall Station, opened 1904 and closed is one of the world's most spectacular abandoned underground ghost stations

Entrance to 1 Wall Street #NewYork City Getaway #Luxury #Travel

The Irving Trust Tower - Ralph Walker -Phillip Capper from Wellington, New Zealand: Photographer