An entry from For Emma, Forever Ago

Possible idea of smaller part of the playing area lit, and as the dancers spread out in the are the area, the pool of light can expand. Can't be achieved with one instrument, but only if focus allows, and appropriate instruments are available.

cant get enough of flower head wreaths! they make photos sooooooo beautiful! Beautiful for a bride and flower girl

"Turned out pretty cute, huh?" "Yes, he did, darling." "You wanna have another one?" "I've been meaning to ask you about that..."

Yosemite National Park Upper & Lower Falls. I still remember the breathtaking view and this picture tranports me back to the moment I realized how beautiful is the world that God has created for us. So thankful for everything. gw


Autumn is a sensational time of year, with it's vibrant red and orange colors. We've found 34 Autumn Photos To Inspire You To Grab Your Camera. It's also a brilliant time for Photographers to come out and take some beautiful autumn photos, whether you're