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본문 이미지

본문 이미지

Mud and spiders

The shape language on this is really really cool and sleek. Already looks more like a ship than an insect

slobbery moment

Carli Davidson Shake - The Carli Davidson Shake portrait series is no ordinary pet photography! Davidson captures dogs shaking their heads to create distorted expressions.

The Nicest Pictures: Devil Flower Mantis

Devil’s Flower Mantis (Idolomantis Diabolica) The Idolomantis Diabolica is sometimes known as the “King of all mantids” for the obvious reason: it’s beauty, size and rarity, is one of the largest species of praying mantis that mimic flowers.


Photographer Igor Siwanowicz's images of reptiles and amphibians.A desert horned lizard

Phrynosoma blainvillii - Blainville's Horned Lizard (Coast Horned Lizard)

Phrynosoma blainvillii - Blainville's Horned Lizard (Coast Horned Lizard)

Creepicute: Horned Lizard -- Fun Fact: The Horned Frog, TCU's distinctive mascot is actually a lizard and the only known horned frog mascot in sports history.

The REAL TCU horned frog! Used to play with these all the time when I was a kid in San Angelo. You could always find one out in the yard.