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Gorgeous Victorian wedding cake in a lovely shade of pale blue. Fantastic detail work on this cake! ᘡղbᘠ

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big wedding cakes | Wedding cake

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Spring cupcakes!

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Cake Wrecks - Home - Sunday Sweets: Put A Bird On It

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Dainty, yet sweet. ᘡղᘠ

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Little Big Company The blog: Beautiful Pink Rose and Floral Themed Celebration for Sienna

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Fabulous nude color wedding cake.<3

Merci New York: The 2011 Wedding Party Event Recap | Part II

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Ars Chocolatum: Cakes @ Sylvia Weinstock

Ars Chocolatum: Cakes @ Sylvia Weinstock

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Image detail for -Victorian_wedding_cake

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Marie Antoinette cake

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Start your own Wedding Cake Business! - Nude color and bling #WeddingCake.

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Great Gatsby wedding cake

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Couture Cakes' Bob Johnson

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Golden Gifts Tiered cake, decorated as stacked gift boxes. YES!

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Ana Rosa

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"Purple Elegance" wedding cake ~ All the flowers are made from gum paste and everything is edible

Wedding Cake — 2011 Glamorous Wedding Cake Contest

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Old Fashioned Romance wedding cake ~ tiers with handmade gumpaste flowers filling the spaces.

Old Fashioned Romance — 2011 Glamorous Wedding Cake Contest

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Beautiful cake for a ballet wedding theme

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