Roll and READ a sight word phrase! Such a fun way to practice FLUENCY!

The Moffatt Girls: Spring Math and Literacy (1st Grade)

Winter math for 1st and 2nd grade--missing addends

Winter Math Printables

Classroom Freebies: Related Facts *great to prepare for district test 1 questions*

Classroom Freebies: Related Facts

For a 1st or 2nd grade math class, this would be a fun and interactive worksheet to do in small groups. KR

Missing Addends Cut and Pastes

Place Value Worksheet Pack - Common Core Third Grade- work with numbers in thousands

Place Value Pack - Common Core

FREE First Day Jitters packet. LOVE this book for back to school.

More Teaching Common Core With Kiddy Lit IV

I made mats like this and my class loves to play. We keep score on the board for who wins each 'hand'. I call out, "Draw 2 (or 3) cards and make the least/greatest number possible." I also made one which includes thousands, for later.

The Destitute Teacher: place value

Where Are We.pdf - Google Drive

Where Are We.pdf - Google Drive

Helping Parents Help Their Children

Fun in First Grade: Helping Parents Help Their Children

For notes, lunch money, etc. Love this because you always have kids coming to you every morning with different things to give you!

Precious Perks: Other Fun Polka Dot Stuff

Ladybug's Teacher Files: The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!)

The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!)

Write positive notes to each other, and keep the positives in the classroom :)

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Stop what you're doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom.

Rock & Teach: Monday Made It - Part 4

Quotes ~ Part 4

technology rocks. seriously.: Quotes ~ Part 4

Special Requests

technology rocks. seriously.: Special Requests

great idea for hopes and dreams at beginning of year

Primary Punch: When I grow up...

Create this on my own. Pass out M on the first day during table work time. Depending on which color they have they must answer a question. You can do this activity through out the year changing up the questions!

Back-To-School Pack {Including Open House}

Be a leader, not a boss. (Need to remember this when I meet my next guy so I won't be used and pushed around.)

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Spring Break Writing FREEBIE

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First Week of School!

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The Littlest Scholars: A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue

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Hidden words for word work time. Kids write the word in white crayon, and then color over it with marker to make it appear.

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Back To School Supply "cake"

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Stamina Strips

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Great idea...again, very useable for MS...they think they are too old for this kind of thing, but they really do love it! I could come up with some treats that fit with my own class expectations.

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