cod fish: portuguese style!

In PORTUGAL, we have hundreds of ways of cooking cod fish, all of them incredibly tasty! In fact, we have the audacity to think that no one cooks this fish like we do! Do you doubt?? Well... you only have one option: come to Portugal and draw your own conclusions! :)

cod fish: portuguese style!

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32 Delicious Things To Eat While You Watch The World Cup Portugal: Bolinhos de Bacalhau

'Bacalhau lascado sobre puré de grão com grelos salteados e amêndoas torradas' - cod with mashed chickpeas, sprouts and roasted almonds. Simply divine! A recipe by portuguese chef Igor Martinho.

'Arroz de Bacalhau', cod goes very well with rice too! :)

'Receita de Bacalhau de Cabo a Rabo', a cod recipe by portuguese chef Carlos Madeira.

This cod recipe is based on Portuguese cuisine and fish (especially cod) is really popular in Portugal. You can use salt cod, like the Portuguese do, or regular cod filets for this recipe. Bear in mind that salt cod needs to be soaked in water for twenty four hours before you cook with it.

Marvão cod festival: the 14 restaurants involved in the initiative offered visitors more than 30 different dishes based on cod.

'Bacalhau à brás', one of the most popular ways to prepare cod fish in Portugal. Made from shreds of salted cod, onions and thinly chopped fried potatoes in a bound of scrambled eggs; garnished with black olives and sprinkled with fresh parsley.

"Bacalhau à Brás" prepared by chef José Avillez. Check the video if you want to venture to cook this dish. :)

'Bacalhau assado com vinho do Porto' - baked cod with Port wine, a divine combination!

'Bacalhau à Lagareiro'. This recipe has its origin in Beiras, Portugal. Its name comes from being cooked in wood burning ovens in the oil mills, while the olives were milled. In the same ovens, potatoes and onions were baked with bark. Then they gathered up raw garlic and watered the dish with enough olive oil taken from the mills. The result is just delicious!

'Bacalhau na Caçarola' - cod in the casserole. Another pleasant way of enjoying cod. :)

'Bacalhau no forno' cod in the oven, again! sooo delicious, accompanied by roast potatoes and watered with tons of olive oil! :')

Course with portuguese chef VITOR SOBRAL: 'COD RECIPES'.

'Bacalhau cozido com batatinhas e vinagre balsâmico' - boiled cod with potatoes and balsamic vinegar. So simple and so tasty! You just have to come here and give it a try! ;)

'Cataplana de bacalhau'. The preparation of this dish requires a 'cataplana', a specific type of pot, widely used in Algarve (Portugal). Don't have one? Come here and try it out! :)

'Bacalhau com broa', another yummy recipe made in Portugal! check it out :)

'Bacalhau assado no forno' - cod baked in the oven again!! Just love it! One of my favourite ways of enjoying this marvelous fish. :)

'Sopa de bacalhau' - cod soup

'Bacalhau cozido com todos' - boiled cod, served with chick peas, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and vegetables.

'Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá' with a lot of olives and parsley. Very good! :D Check the recipe here: www.sitedotiago.c...

'Bacalhau com Broa e Chouriço', the kind of dish you will not forget! Cod accompanied by crunchy cornbread and chorizo. So good! :D

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    Sounds delicious. I can't wait to try this.

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    I need this recipe in English.

This recipe was invented by a guy in Porto named Zé do Pipo. The secret ingredient: mayo!

'Bacalhau à Braga', a recipe you can find in the restaurants of the beautiful city of Braga!

'Açorda de Bacalhau no Pão' In this particular dish the cod takes part of the 'açorda', a typical portuguese dish composed of mashed bread with garlic, coriander, olive oil, water, salt and eggs.

Cod wants garlic! baked cod