I laughed so hard :)

Well said, Bob, well said…

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

If Your Food Told the Truth, Here's What it'd Say to You. One of the best things I've seen!the last ome made me crack up because of a inside joke lets jut say peanut butter is a person lol

no, no I acknowledged you the first time. Ignored you the second time and finally tuned you out after that. Selective hearing works as well, lol. Oh and shutting off your hearing aids works wonders as well, hahaha

I want this shirt.

Check your ego, amigo. Some people really should. I want this shirt for most of the people I know in LA.


Aahahaahahahahah <---- not hating on Taylor, but OMG this is funny. :)⬅I AM hating on Taylor and this is epic. Why are u hating on Taylor? What did she ever do to you? And she doesn't relate to satan at all. Maybe your satan.

Hahaha best Valentine's card ever!!!

Roses are red but…


The Worst Case Scenario Expert - Bad News is Good News in Fiction Writing - Writers Write.Yep, me!

This is GENIUS.

Get your clever on (22 photos)

Deep clean your bathroom with a power drill. ~ 25 Unexpectedly Genius Household Hacks You'll Wish You'd Thought Of First

keep it up & you'll be the strange smell in the trunk

keep it up & you'll be the strange smell in the trunk- BAHAHAHAHA rofl


hahahahahaha - nothing like being tasered to add 'spark' to your relationship!