Teenager Post When most girls wear hoodies and messy buns they look amazing. But when I do, I look like I've tried eery drug in the world.


#Teen #Quotes I did it

I did it:) haha beat that! I typed it with my tongue! Haha I challenge And and and let my know if you can do it! I did typed it too !

We have probably done this in some form on here but I say for today lets share this again!

Admit that you're weird

I am weird and I don't care. In fact I am proud to be weird and believe I should get some kind of award for it. I happily admit this to the whole world.

For reals though

I have eaten raw cookie dough all my life, and so has my mom, and neither of us have EVER gotten sick from it. (raw cookie dough from homemade cookies)

Relate quotes | true i can relate teen quotes relatable so relatable so-relatable ...

Dear Sidewalk, Please get wider. Sincererly, Third Friend Walking behind feeling excluded. This is so true, I hate it

Comment when done

Add it to the comments xD I will shout some of you out ❤️❤️❤️

Teenager Posts lol that's my grandma

Teenager Post - We all have a family member who thinks they're a professional photographer.