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    Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations.

    21 Day Fix approved Buffalo Chicken Bowls with Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing. Quick dinner or lunch idea and so satisfying. Great healthy recipe!

    Because he's as amazing as everyone makes him out to be. In my 20s, and his books change the way I look at the world and my life.

    18 Wedding Ideas That Will Only Appeal To The Most Awesome Of Couples

    She is not one to waste tears on small things, but she is easily moved and easily broken. Thankfully, those who know her well may see that she is easily fixed. (I'd like to see her pull herself back together.)

    You would be more than enough for me. But im not enough for you. And one day you will find someone that makes you so happy. you deserve it

    Do this with bedroom hanging lights **like Xmas lights but for inside** and an amazing bed cover thing like this.!! = AMAZING.!!

    15 Stiletto Nail Designs to Draw Inspiration From - Top Inspirations

    Many brides are surprised that they regret throwing out their wedding flowers. Check out three different ways they can be preserved.

    Cute & Casual outfits for summer 2014. I just wouldn't wear heels

    Everyone has dreams and as we growth up sometimes we growth apart from them. I like to call them broken dreams, dreams that still alive just need the attention needed for them to start on a burning fire again! please help us to follow our their by checking listed link and leaving your opinions and thoughts. It will mean a lot to me and I will always be grateful to you guys. like share and pin ♥ #love you and thank you. #music

    Applies to life, love, science, parenting, singing, even putting on makeup....frankly all things are covered. It works!!

    I agree with this. Even for moms, single moms. Just because you've started a family doesn't mean life stops. Family first always, but remember to take care of yourself as well.

    i'm just so scared to touch happiness only to have it taken away again maybe that is why i push everyone away and maybe thats why i'm so guarded but i don't think i can ever touch it without love and i don't know how to love not at all

    Don't know how I feel about the scary bird like pointy nails but I like the black turquoise and glitter gold

    The nails are amazing...but look at that ring. Babe, please propose to me with that ring!!!!

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    White coffin acrylic nails. Love how my nails came out!