dark grey charcoal sweater, black tights/leggings, light grey wool socks, brown boots, and white knit infinity scarf. Hunting for this wool socks.

Grunge Fashion on We Heart It. https://weheartit.com/entry/77637886/via/florencia_acosta_940

In the the grunge look was very "in" and so were short jackets that hugged the body. Leather become a very popular fabric, but most girls went for imitation leather instead of the real thing. Another big fashion trend among girls was the petticoat dress.

Shirt, high waisted shorts, vans.

Fishnet under shorts, great idea for spring!❤️ you could make the shirt with iron on transfer paper and cut a pair of jeans into shorts = DIY outfit😊

I'm not really a bitch, I just play one in your life ;*

oh baby i'm so rock and roll girl black and white leather jacket

Free People discount<3

Coachella festival fashion: boho chic outfits for summer. crop tops, heart sunglasses, messy updos and ripped jeans galore

Embellished sweater and beanie. I need these for my fashion bum look.

A-Z Encyclopedia of Fashion Trends, Proof That We’re All Out Of Original Ideas

Embellished sweater and red beanie not my favorite clothes but I love the pose and picture

everything but the cross. I just not a fan of huge crosses as a fashion statements.

Wavy hair, lace top, cross necklace, shorts and tights. I have all this in my closet - so wearing this outfit!

possibly considering in investing in a pair of short overalls

Original grunge: Doc Martens, Denim Overall and messy hair style-- Idk why I'm obsessed with overalls and still don't own any.

Ugh I want this. Minus the hat. I don't look good in hats, only beanies

The punk style tribe is still around but from it has stemmed a different category, grunge. This was really popular in the and even today and uses elements of punk style like leather, chains, and band tees.

Kayleen Scene 5 Age 18 1994 Teen Grunge look

I feel like the only girl who wears a Nirvana t-shirt that actually listens to Nirvana. It pisses me off when people wear band shirts of bands they don't listen to.