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Burn Calories in the Pool (No Laps Required!)

Thinking about losing weight and don't know where to begin? There are many options available to individuals that want to quickly start losing weight and better their health. Instead of looking towards unhealthy means that promise immediate results, but...

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The Ultimate Pool Workout

Slim in a Splash (Shed Pounds in the Pool Without Swimming Laps): Synchronized Slimmer #SelfMagazine

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Yoga for Great Abs

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Your Total-Body Swim Workout

Psh, yeah, you'll look like that doing this...that's a laugh: "Cardio: 30 min swim minutes flutter kicking warmup (back against wall) -Freestyle twice length of pool, rest. -Tread water for 3 minutes -Backstroke twice length of pool -Tread water 1 minute"

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