"the bun"

I like big buns and I cannot lie :) lots of cute hair bun ideas

Osiria Rose

Gardening- such a beautiful rose! Rosa 'Osiria' (Rose 'Osiria') Hybrid tea or large glowering bush rose,upright habit.Flowers summer and autumn,fragrant,doubles with deep red inside petals and silver-white on outside of each petal.

aurora borealis

Nature’s Holiday Lights

Northern lights in Hudson Bay, Canada Photo copyright Andre Hoffmann/Alamy - beautiful


These shorts are mjorly in right now.and for a night out, they go well with this lush sparkly top. If only I were young enough to wear this outfit, I would!

Uluwatu / Bali, Indonesia

Suluban beach, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia :: Wanderlust :: Travel the World :: Seek Adventure :: Free your Wild :: Photography & Inspiration :: See more Beach + Island + Mountain Destinations

Lace and pink shorts

Abercrombie shorts and shirt with American Eagle necklace. Love these stores shop when things r on sale ;

snowdrops and raindrops

Snowdrops and Raindrops.as a small child I would wait each spring to see when the little snowdrops would pop their heads out of the snow.a sure sign that spring had arrived :)

Christiano Ronaldo

Latest Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles 2014 for men.Best soccer hairstyles for boys & FIFA world cup 2014 hairstyles of Ronaldo by Miguel Siero.


Fotograaf: Tim Walker Lily takes a trip Lily Cole, Whadwan India British Vogue July 2005